Experience the THS advantage

Property Preservation Service

More than just preventing deterioration, securing and maintaining foreclosed properties preserves, maintains and improves its value while reducing days on market. 

At Treasured Homes Services, we are experts at enhancing the physical and structural conditions of real estate owned properties in a manner that preserves their value and maximizes profits for our clients. By adopting a client-oriented approach, we deliver to asset management companies, financial institutions and banks the THS advantage – expert mortgage field services personalized to suit your needs with quick turnaround times.   

We maintain a reliable network of experienced vendors and subcontractors who are skilled, licenced, thoroughly vetted and passionate about real estate assets. Our vendors understand the value of your investment, so they work smart and hard to get the job done right the first time while adhering to your guidelines and federal, state and local regulations. We treat your investment with respect and care, ensure that all preservation services are code compliant, and keep your property ready for sale always. We know the value of your investment, let us help you secure and maximize it. 



We carry out periodic interior and exterior inspections to access and determine the occupancy status, structural, security and overall condition of REO properties. We document and report any damages, defects and concerns in order to protect your property and keep you in compliance.

Eviction Services

Eviction services

THS has the experience required to handle evictions regardless of its sensitive nature. We work with you to determine the most effective course of action and execute it efficiently. We handle cash for keys arrangements seamlessly and work with local sheriffs to carry out peaceful evictions where necessary.



Securing your property by changing locks, boarding up windows, and rekeying prevents vandalization, reentrance and property violation. THS ensures the complete safety of your vacant property by taking active steps to secure and protect it.

Lawn/Yard Maintenance

Lawn/yard maintenance

From lawn mowing to hedge trimming, weeding, tree cutting, foliage control and landscape maintenance, we handle every aspect of yard maintenance. We will arrange monthly, weekly or biweekly schedules, ensure that all lawn maintenance is done correctly and complies with local guidelines for foreclosed properties, including clients requirements.



THS winterizes the entire plumbing system of REO properties to prevent costly damages caused by temperature extremes. We will empty water heaters, drain pipes, check for leaks and add antifreeze to the entire drainage system. Our plumbers have the experience required to winterize all types of plumbing/water systems.

Snow Removal

Snow removal

Accumulation of snow can wreak havoc on your property as well as hamper safe movement in and out of your premises and reduce curb appeal. Treasured Homes Services oversees the safe and swift removal of snow from sidewalks, driveways, walkways and roofs to ensure general safety.

Pool Cleaning And Securing

Pool cleaning and securing

Enhancing curb appeal includes regular pool maintenance according to regulatory requirements. THS will perform periodic pool treatment, ensuring that the water is cleaned and treated, gates/fences are secure, with the pool covered when necessary.

Debris Removal And Clean Up

Debris removal and clean up

Whether on the exterior or interior, the sight of debris puts off prospective buyers, curb appeal and can be a safety hazard. THS will clear out all debris left by previous occupants, thoroughly clean out your property and dispose of all junk following relevant regulations.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance

We arrange and carry out periodic maintenance for vacant properties. Whether weekly, biweekly, or monthly, we will drive by your property, check for damage, schedule and undertake repairs and relevant tasks, all to ensure that your investment stays attractive and sales-ready.



We arrange and oversee affordable and quality repair services for REO properties. Our skilled vendors are always available to make necessary repairs on time and within budget.

AT Treasured Homes Services, we take the time to document all our processes and services. We will present before and after pictures of our preservation services so that you are abreast of every development. With our extensive network of vendors, we guarantee competitive bids and valuable service. Contact us now to discuss your preservation needs.