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Let Treasure Homes Services preserve and maintain your investment with specialized mortgage field services

Lawn/Yard Maintenance

Lawn/yard maintenance

From lawn mowing to hedge trimming, weeding, tree cutting, foliage control and landscape maintenance, we handle every aspect of yard maintenance. We will arrange monthly, weekly or biweekly schedules, ensure that all lawn maintenance is done correctly and complies with local guidelines for foreclosed properties, including clients requirements.



THS winterizes the entire plumbing system of REO properties to prevent costly damages caused by temperature extremes. We will empty water heaters, drain pipes, check for leaks and add antifreeze to the entire drainage system. Our plumbers have the experience required to winterize all types of plumbing/water systems.

Eviction Services

Eviction services

THS has the experience required to handle evictions regardless of its sensitive nature. We work with you to determine the most effective course of action and execute it efficiently. We handle cash for keys arrangements seamlessly and work with local sheriffs to carry out peaceful evictions where necessary.

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Preserving Properties The Right Way

As a full-service property preservation company, we focus on providing custom mortgage field services that protect and maximize the value of REO assets. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and our ability to consistently deliver quality property preservation services makes us the one-stop solution for both commercial and residential REO properties.  Read More

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From inspections to restoration to maintenance, we provide a full spectrum of expert mortgage field services for vacant, abandoned and occupied REO properties during foreclosure and sale. With an emphasis on quick turnaround and fast, quality results, we deliver to our clients “the THS advantage”. Ready to get your property ready for conveyance? Browse our services.

We maintain a network of vetted, qualified service partners by leveraging the industry standard iRecord service to ensure the value and safety of our clients’ investments. This network of partners allows us to stay true to our mission – to consistently deliver high quality, professional, and reliable property preservation services.


Preserving and securing the value of your property

We are cost-effective

With our vast network, we obtain the most competitive bids, allowing you to stay within budget and maximize ROI.

Our service goes the distance

We don’t stop at repairs or debris removal, we also provide regular maintenance.

Always code compliant

Our vendors stay updated with and comply with all necessary regulatory requirements.

We keep your property sales-ready

Your prospective buyers will always see the property in it’s best light

It's your investment
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Specialized mortgage field services backed by a customer-centric focus and exceptional support, only at Treasured Homes Services. 

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